Fall Blues, Dark Hues

Lat week's OOTD never got posted all due to the devilish heartaches called "homework" and "studying". But I did get an A+ on my Accounting test, so it isn't so devilish after all.  It was a cool afternoon. I experimented with new colors.I do not have much of blues or greens in my wardrobe; after this outfit, I am definitely getting more. I am in love with this dark turquoise high waist jegging. Not only is stylish, it is very comfortable on the bum. Matching, is a lovely short sleeve navy blue knit sweater. These colors work so well together; its a new love combo! I topped of this ensemble with light-weight multicolor metallic cardigan for a touch of unique and of course warmth and a pair of high boots. <3

Gap Navy Blue Knit Sweater | TJ Maxx Metallic Cardi | F21 High Waist Jegging | DSW Boots | LuvTrinkets Chain

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Pink Rose Petal Makeup Tutorial

Hey, how is everyone doing today? I've been getting a lot of requests from friends on how I achieve my makeup looks. No, I am not a makeup artists, but I sure do can throw down with the brushes. Everyone tells me I should be a makeup artist,  but I'm shooting for a different career. Makeup is an art and a hobby for me. I gain a lot of pleasure in enhancing my beauty; just for the fun for it. Here is a new video on how to achieve a flawless look I like to call "Pink Rose Petal" ! Enjoy! If you like my tutorial, please like and subscribe via Youtube to stay updated for more videos! Jaynelle Nicole YT Channel

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Polka Dot Skater Skirt Design

Embellished Collar Top - TJ Maxx | DIY Skater Skirt | Pumps - Ann Taylor LOFT

Hey, darlings! I'm back baby! I made this super cute poke-a-dot skater back in August. But I never got the chance to post if on my blog due to my dysfunctional laptop. My laptop crashed and I finally saved enough money to get a brand new Macbook. <3 It's my new pride and joy. 

Making this skater skirt was a pretty easy task. The only part that stumped me a little was sewing in my invisible zipper. Once, I got a better understanding of it, it became a 1-2-3 process. I wish I can show you all more photos of the skirt. However, I lost all the extra photos on my old laptop. Waah!

Let me know what you think of my skater skirt! I hope you all love it as much as I do. If you'd like, I wouldn't mind blogging a tutorial on how to make a skater skirt for yourselves. <3 

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Cut-Out Maxi Dress w/ Side Split (My Design)

*My apologies for the poor quality. I did not have my camera along with me.

✢ Cut-Out Back Maxi Dress w/ Side Split ✢

Designed and created my first official dress last week from scratch and wore it to an event in the same day! I spent two days teaching myself to make patterns out of old newspapers (I watched my amazingly talented aunt make newspaper patterns last summer). And in one day, I completed my dress! I really impressed myself. 

I received so many compliments. I had girls wanting to buy my designs and I had to keep telling them that this is only my first dress! I'm not there yet! I am teaching myself new tricks during most of my free time, so I can only get better from here. Due to all the inquiries I received as feedback on my social media accounts, I am planning to make more of this design in other colors and it will be sold on an e-commerce platform.

I am extremely flattered and excited to do this! I did not expect so much feedback. I am working on other designs now. This may be my calling! I think its time I hit the ground running. What do ya say?

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Geo Print Jamberry Nails **

I have found a new love! I've been getting compliments all week on these super cute nail decals sent by Jamberry Nails. My decals are a dark blue and white with an eye-catching geometric pattern. Nail decals require you to follow each step on their accompanied short list of instructions. I learned that the hard way. I was moving a little too fast, ungracefully, and I may have skipped a step; so I was not pleased with the way they came out on my first attempt. They are extremely easy to install once you get the hang of it (which would probably be after just one or two nail applications for most). On my second attempt, I applied the nail decals with more grace and now I am very, VERY impressed with the overall look. 

My nails looks so cute and fun! I've had my Jamberry on for more than a week; they are still in perfect shape. Pressure and heat creates the air tight and water tight seal. No rips, no damage. I can shower, wash the dishes, scratch an itch without worrying it will come off.  Giving yourself a nice manicure and wiping dirt and oil off your nails using an alcoholic wipe, will give you the best result; your Jamberry will last even longer. 

Jamberry Nails has a wide variety of beautiful decals from abstract patterns to simple unique colors. Jamberry also sells their own application kit and application heater that help make the process even easier. The removal process is also simple. Just soak your nails in nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds and gently rub them off. Nothing beats simplicity. I definitely suggest you guys try Jamberry out! 

B e f o r e 
A f t e r

Get your Jamberry Nails today girls! You will not be sorry <3 ||Shop Here||

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Ivory Lace


My mother stumbled upon the beautiful Fire's ivory lace dress at TJ Maxx. She purchased it in the fall for my birthday. The fabric is very breathable and I could not weather the temperature in it so it was never worn... until now. Spring time is here and now I can show it off! I wore it on Mother's Day (do you see what I did there? ha.) While I pampered my mom all day, leaving me bankrupt, I was strutting the streets in this subtle nude look. I felt as if I was dressed for ages of the Greek gods. : ) I adore my simple nude sandals from Lola Shoetique; I can wear it with anything! I kept accessories very minimal. I was really into being simple that day; just letting the dress speak for itself. No, it was not talking edgy, it was only talking sweet and chic.

My earrings were found on Fulton Street in Brooklyn one afternoon out with TheStyleVow.com. Jewelry and other accessories were being sold outdoors along the strip. Most of them were clip-ons (which totally hurts and I cannot stand them) but I bought them anyway because I have a kit at home I can make earrings with. My mother replaced the clips with flat stud earrings and here I have regular comfortable earrings.

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